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The Ultimate Lifestyle Program

A 4 -Week  Lifestyle Program
That Will Teach You
How to Build Healthy Eating Habits
Practice Mindfulness
& Create The Lifestyle You Desire


Are you desiring this now?

you desire a consistent healthy & mindful lifestyle

you desire to have better eating habits & nourish your body the right way 

you desire more energy & mental clarity

you desire to add more veggies in your life while still enjoying the foods that you love 

you desire to feel confident in your food & lifestyle choices

you  desire to feel good, at peace, and align with yourself 

you desire to be the best & healthiest version of you 

4 Week Back to Basics Health Transformation

let me guess...

  • You've tried every diet out there, you're done with quick fixes, & ready to truly change your lifestyle

  • You're feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unmotivated around food

  • You're craving for consistency in every area of your life

  • You're tired of constantly going back to your old habits  & routines that no longer serve you

  • You want to feel confident with your food & lifestyle choices 

  • You want to tap into the body & life that you desire 

  • You're  done saying "I have no time for me" & ready to prioritize yourself 

if so... you're at the right place

you deserve to have everything that you desire

See how this program  has helped transform their lives 

I lost 10 pounds in 3 months. 10! I can’t believe it either. And I know I wouldn’t have done it without the guidance of Julianne. She guided me on how to live a healthier lifestyle while still being able to enjoy the “not-so-healthy food” that I love through portion control and mindful eating.

- April L


Hi there!

Let me tell you something about me… When I first started getting into health & fitness, food was my biggest struggle. Smashing a workout seemed to be a lot easier than figuring out what to eat. 


My definition of healthy back then too consisted of protein bars (hello to tons of processed food), chicken breast and 5 pieces of broccoli. Sure, I lost some weight HOWEVER; I didn’t feel good and healthy from within.

I was struggling with my digestion, acne, and anxiety. I also feel sluggish after a meal a.k.a food coma which does not make sense since food is fuel, right?

So I went back to basics. I focused on building healthy eating habits. & practiced mindfulness to change my lifestyle. 

I started eating clean, plant-based food and my BODY AND MIND SHIFTED effortlessly. I became more intentional with what I put in my body. I started feeling more at peace, confident and aligned with my very best self.


My goal as a coach is to guide you create the lifestyle that you desire.

We will simplify your approach to food, build healthy eating habits, and create a mindful lifestyle so you can feel healthy from the inside out.

It is easier said than done. That’s why I’m here to show you how. 

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program

A program rooted in the PSYCHOLOGY OF HABIT FORMATION to help you build healthy habits to be the best version of yourself

About the Program

This is the exact method I used to build healthy eating habits, from eating McDonalds to a plant-based lifestyle.

My clients and I have used this method to build consistency in every area of our lives, improve our relationship with food, gut health, and

even with ourselves.


We’ve all been there where we would say “I’ll start eating healthier" and before you know it, you’re back to your old eating habits and you struggle with consistency. Then, you ask yourself “what is wrong with me?” But here’s the thing, nothing is wrong with you. It is NOT about not having the motivation nor the discipline. It is about having a simple system, a method, & understanding the psychology of habit formation to help you build healthier eating habits to create the lifestyle that you desire. I’ve had clients who lost weight sustainably, improved their relationship with food, feel confident around their lifestyle choices, and completely transformed their lives because of the healthy habits they’ve built.

This is possible for you too & this program will teach you how!

What's Included: 

4 weeks of 60 minutes training 

4 lifestyle workbooks

Weekly Q&A with Julianne

Over $700 in bonuses

With Extra Bonus:

Complimentary 1:1 Food & Lifestyle Coaching with Julianne to guide you create a personalized plan to help you create the lifestyle that you desire and apply your learnings from the program ($400+ value) 

Free Access:

Free access on The Recipe Guide

Free Access on The Grocery Guide 

Free  access to the new Grocery Guide 

Exclusive Access:

Exclusive  4 Meditations with Journal Prompts

Exclusive 4  New Simple & Sexy Recipes 

First Access to the JW Products (coming Spring 2022)

Community of like minded people to support you to become the best version of yourself


In this week, we will find and solidify your WHY. For you to CHANGE and have a CONSISTENT healthy lifestyle, it requires for you to have a reason BIGGER than all of the possible excuses and distractions that will come your way.


You will also learn the art of MEAL PLANNING. This is one of the basic foundations of the JW method. This will teach you consistency.


We will cover: 

  • Your WHY

  • How to make time for you even when you’re busy 

  • How to set realistic goals for you to have a consistent healthy lifestyle  

  • The Art of Meal Planning 





In this week, we will learn all about food & how to simplify your approach to healthy eating. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming at all.  We’re going all in here!


Whether you want to improve your digestion/bloating, learn about portion control for sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance, or want to incorporate more plant-based meals to your life, you're absolutely gonna LOVE this week! 


We will cover: 

  • Food combining 

  • Clean Eating 

  • Gut Health 

  • Plant-Based Eating 

  • Portion Control Without Restrictions 


In this week, we will study the psychology of building healthy habits. If you wanna know exactly how I was able to transition from eating Mcdonalds to a plant-based lifestyle, you will learn my simple method and system during this week.


Because here’s the thing. Nothing is wrong with you. It is not about “not having the discipline” or “not having the motivation” to eat healthy. It is about having simple systems that will make you want to eat healthy. How you’re eating now or your current lifestyle are just habits and routines that you’ve learned and you can absolutely unlearn that. 


We will cover:

  • Psychology of habit formation 

  • How to learn new eating habits

  • How to unlearn old eating habits

  • How to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not just another “diet” 



In this week, we will put everything you’ve learned together to solidify your new habits and routines to help you stay consistent with your new healthy lifestyle. We will also cover other holistic tools that will help you live a mindful lifestyle. 


We will cover: 

  • Mindful eating & living

  • Importance of your environment and support system

  • Other holistic tools besides food that creates your lifestyle

After this program:

You'll  have healthier habits & routines to be your best & healthiest self

You'll have the consistent lifestyle that you desire

You'll know how exactly to nourish your body & feel confident with your food & lifestyle choices 

You'll improve your digestion, gut health, energy level, & mental clarity

You'll be eating  & craving for more veggies in your life 

You'll feel lean, light, & healthy from within 

You'll feel the pure joy and peace  you've been longing for

You'll transform your life 

Client Testimonials 

 I have always been into health and fitness, but I started questioning why I wasn't seeing the progress and results I was expecting to see at some point last year. The cycle of restriction, reverting back to old habits, and feeling guilty just seemed to repeat itself. I can say that I've truly learned to make healthy living a lifestyle with Julianne's guidance. I've finally learned to break the pattern of these habits I used to have, and this program has transformed my life in so many ways. I highly encourage giving Julianne's program a go if you aspire to become the best version of yourself! 

-Nina M

Change your HABITS, Change your LIFE.

The Ultimate Lifestyle 

4 weeks of 60 minutes training 

4 lifestyle workbooks

Weekly Q&A with Julianne

Complimentary 1:1 coaching with Julianne 

Over $700 in bonuses

The Ultimate Experience

Everything that is included in The Ultimate Lifestyle Program PLUS unlimited direct support from me via a walkie talkie app. You can reach out to me anytime outside our weekly trainings so you are fully supported and guided if anything comes up.

Application closes on 02.20.22

There is no obligation to join when you apply. All applications will be reviewed. It would be an honor to have you apply to the program.  


  • Q: What can I expect after this program?
    After this program, you will know exactly how to nourish your body, have more knowledge about food, heal your bloating issues, and most importantly you will feel leaner, lighter and healthier from within.
  • Q: I want to sign up but I’m not sure if I am ready to commit for 16 weeks?
    The hardest thing to do is making the decision to start. You can't expect change unless you change something in your life. This program will meet wherever you are right now and my recommendations will be tailored based on your lifestyle. Take the leap, and you'll see how your life could transform with proper guidance.
  • Q: I’ve never worked with a health coach, how can you exactly help me?"
    I’ve been where you are so I know exactly how you feel. We are going to take a look at your current lifestyle and eating habits. Literally from what you do the moment that you wake up, the food that you eat, and the last thing you do before you sleep. We are going to look at your entire lifestyle. When I was at your place I wished I had someone to guide me with food and what it truly means to feel healthy from within. I know it could feel overwhelming to start and I’ll be here to guide and support you to save you time!
  • Q: How about your product recommendations, can I only buy the items at Whole Foods, Trader Joes or in the US?"
    We are going back to basics. So every food item I recommend can be found at any grocery store or market. Plus I will always try to find the best alternatives for you so you can be anywhere in the world!
  • Q: Will your program take too much of my time?
    This is a 1:1 coaching program hence, every plan I create for you is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Every plan is designed to help you succeed and see the results you are looking for.
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