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About Julianne

My full name is Julianne Denise Wong. Most people call me Julianne or J.  I’m  a holistic health and lifestyle coach and the person behind the lifestyle brand BY JWONG.

My journey started in 2018 after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  I felt BURNT OUT with life despite all my achievements. I was ticking off every single thing on my checklist, coming home at night accomplishing what I needed to do for that day, and yet I felt empty, exhausted, and unfulfilled with life. I felt lost and constantly sought external validation to prove my self-worth. I got fed up with how I was feeling and made a choice to start INVESTING IN MYSELF.

My first love is fitness. The time I spent at the gym is my time FOR ME. Fitness helped me build my self-confidence. It made me feel physically and mentally strong. But despite seeing physical changes in my body, something was still missing. I still didn’t feel good and healthy from within.

I was struggling with my digestion, bloating, acne, anxiety, and energy level.  I knew there is something more than eating 5 pieces of broccoli, chicken breast, and protein bars.

So I went back to basics...

IMG_1164 4_edited.jpg

 I started eating clean, plant-based, and followed the principles of food combining and my BODY AND MIND SHIFTED effortlessly. I started feeling more energized, cleared my skin, and didn’t feel constantly bloated.


I then enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn more about holistic health and wellness and got my Holistic Health Coaching Certification. Initially, I was doing it to heal myself on a deeper level. Through healing myself, I found my soul’s purpose, the difference I want to make and the healing I want to share with the world. I decided not to pursue medical school school after realizing that  my purpose here is  to bring healing to women on a soulful level through food and helping them build their self-confidence and feel healthy from within.

My goal as a coach is to guide you to go back to basics - eating as close to nature as possible or simple ingredients when eating processed foods. My programs are carefully  designed to help you simplify your approach to food, build healthy habits that work for you, and build a life  that you truly DESIRE.


I am here to empower and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  When you become more mindful of what exactly you feed your mind, body, & soul - YOUR LIFE WILL TRANSFORM!  

I know it is easier said than done and that’s why I’m here to guide you exactly how.


IIIN Holistic Health Coach 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

E-Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition 

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

One food I can’t live without

Morning Fruit Bowl, alwayssss

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