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Julianne Wong, ByJWong, Holistic Health Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Fitness

Ready to

invest in you?

My mission is to help you build your

SELF-CONFIDENCE and empower you to be the person that you truly DESIRE. By becoming mindful of what you feed your mind, body, and soul , you can TRANSFORM your life.

Julianne Wong, Holistic Health Coach, Fitness
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When you EAT good, you’ll FEEL good.

Ready to invest in you?





By JWong, Lifestyle Coach, Founder of By JWong

Meet Julianne Wong

Hi! My name is Julianne Wong and I am a holistic health coach. I ended up in the space of health and wellness because of  my digestion/bloating issues and  feeling burnt out with life. I felt lost and constantly sought external validation to prove my self-worth. It was only until I started investing in myself & learned to prioritize myself that I felt worthy as I am. 


 Now I am on a mission to bring healing to women on a soulful level through food and helping them build their self-confidence. 


Success to me is when I get to empower and inspire you to follow your dreams and to be the person that you desire. I truly believe that it all starts with becoming mindful of what exactly you feed your mind, body, & soul! 


I am so happy with the results of the program. I keep raving about it to anyone who would listen because I feel great not just physically, but also mentally. I experienced big changes in just 4 weeks and I am so thankful for you, Julianne. I have explored different kinds of food and food pairings, and I have challenged myself. In a way, I also found out more about myself through this program. I discovered new likes and dislikes and even changed my way of not eating leftovers! Having a support system in you was also so great because you provided everything to succeed.

-Allison Ador 

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