Back to Basics Program 
A 16 week program on how to nourish your body 
to feel healthier from the inside out 

Health Coach

Are you feeling this now?

You feel overwhelmed with what to eat 

You are constantly feeling bloated and struggling with your digestion

You are constantly feeling tired 

You have a busy lifestyle and not able to stay consistent with your eating habits

You've tried multiple times to have a healthier lifestyle

You feel heavy and bloated from the  inside 

You feel lost and unsure where to start

Health Coach

Do you want to learn 

  • How to feel leaner, lighter, & healthier from within

  • How to heal your bloating and digestive issues 

  • How to feel confident with your food choices

  • How to feel energized & have more mental clarity 

  • How to have a balanced healthy lifestyle despite your busy schedule

  • How to eat to prioritize your gut health

  • How to still enjoy the foods you love in a healthier way 

  • How to feel empowered, fulfilled, and confident 

  • How to feel your best and healthiest self as simple as possible 

What if I told you that I can guide you exactly how to feel healthier from the inside out as simple as possible? 

My heart is so grateful to have the opportunity to experience a coaching program with you. I felt guided and supported in my health and lifestyle journey. I love that we discuss topics about food combining, mindful eating, and how food impacts our overall well-being. And I never thought that I would be able to incorporate it into my lifestyle. Truly fulfilling and empowering.

-Hennesy B.


Hi there!

Let me tell you something about me… When I first started getting into health & fitness, food was my biggest struggle. Smashing a workout seemed to be easier than figuring out what to eat.


My definition of healthy back then consisted of protein bars, chicken breast and 5 pieces of broccoli. Sure, I lost some weight HOWEVER; I didn’t feel good and healthy from within. I was struggling with my digestion, constantly feeling bloated, and tired.  Despite seeing physical changes in my body, I was not feeling my best and honestly felt disconnected with myself. I knew there is something more than eating 5 pieces of broccoli and consuming tons of protein.

So I went back to basics…

I started eating clean and prioritizing my gut health. It is more than about the numbers a.k.a the calories. The quality of your food matters. After going back to basics, my body and mind shifted effortlessly and I have completely  healed my bloating issues and felt my best from the inside out.  


My goal as a coach is to guide you to get back to basics. We will simplify your approach to food so you can feel healthy from the inside out. It is easier said than done.  That’s why I’m here to teach and guide you. 

What's included?

50 minute coaching calls with Julianne

Personalized food & lifestyle plan 

Unlimited support between coaching calls via a walkie talkie app


Monthly Masterclass on Food Education & Gut Health 

One Year Membership to my recipe app 


After the program, you'll...

Know exactly what food is best for you

Feel confident with your food choices

Improve your digestion and bloating issues 

Improve your energy and mental clarity

Improve physical, mental, and emotional health 

Feel leaner, lighter, and healthier  from within 

Have a balanced healthy lifestyle  that will last

Image by DWNTWN Studios.

Let me explain more…

This program is designed to exactly meet where you are right now with your health journey. If you're someone who is constantly feeling bloated, exhausted, and overwhelmed with what you should be eating, this program is perfect for you. 

Even if you got a busy lifestyle or have tried multiple times to change your lifestyle and have not been successful, this program will teach you exactly how to nourish your body and have a healthy lifestyle that will last! 

Each food & lifestyle plan I create for you is designed with simple steps which  includes personal recommendations on what to eat, grocery guide to find healthier alternatives to your food staples, and so much more!  

Let's go back to  the basics. You no longer have to figure out everything on your own to feel your best & healthiest self. I am here to guide you every step of the way.